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Eco-Dry recommends a maintenance carpet cleaning every 4-6 months. With our low moisture cleaning process we will maintain your carpets appearance and remove all sticky residues that regularly attach to the soils being tracked through your house. Keeping this cheap-efficient maintenance will lengthen the time between your need of deep hot water extraction cleanings. The carpets in your home collect allergens and other pollutants leaving poor air quality and often leading to illness if left neglected.

Yes, Eco-Dry's low moisture process is highly recommended for Berber carpet. When using hot water extraction methods it is hard to get water out of the dense carpets, lengthening the dry time leaving them prone to mold and mildew.

Yes, Eco-Dry specializes in removing pet stains and is equipped with Deodorizers to get odors out of your carpet, leaving your house smelling new and fresh.

Eco-Dry Carpet Cleaning uses only the industries latest eco-friendly solutions meeting VOC compliance by a long stretch, protecting and improving air quality in your home. As apart of our commitment to being eco-friendly we use only the best non-toxic, biodegradable solutions leaving your carpets safe in all residential environments.

No, we do not specialize in mold remediation.

No, we do not clean Shag rugs as for our equipment would get tangled with the long fibers.

It is Eco-Dry's commitment to use only the best non-toxic, biodegradable solutions leaving your carpets safe for all pets and children.

Eco-Dry is highly committed to using ecofriendly solutions keeping your carpets safe for your pets and children. We refuse to use the harsh chemicals other companys may use to get out such stains.

Eco-Dry suggests every 4-6 months. Every six months being low traffic homes that are pet and children free.

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